Thursday, August 25, 2011

AI is in Trouble... (Укор Искусственному Интеллекту)

I ran across the following article:  


And noticed that the focus of AI is changed to work on much less ambitious tasks. In 1980s we thought AI soon would change our live due to exponential growth of computer power, we waited for speaking/thinking robots and computers, automatic translations/problem solving and other real intellectual task automation!  

I personally was under that influence of AI plans and got my Ph. D in Robotics, trying to solve some problem with passive adaptation of grippers, graspers and assemblers! I have even published one paper in AI international conference that time!

Ha! Now main achievements they are declaring are chess plying, search, robocars in Nevada, nano-robots,  implants - that is not serious at all!!! Even Watson (newest IBM invention) was made to play Jeopardy games! Ha-Ha!!

I afraid after the 

The Fifth Generation Project in Japan
in those 80s -90s HUGE project 
failure, the focus indeed changed to use computer power for strictly profitable achivments like Windows-8 toy....  THAT IS A BIG SHAME!!!!

And me... my attempts to use some pattern precognition technique in IT Capacity Management  looks not very serious too....