Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New book about natural hydrogen!

I have already published some related information here: http://www.trub.in/search/label/Hydridic%20Earth 

New book about natural hydrogen!

New book about natural hydrogen just appeared in France. Its title is "Natural hydrogen. Next energy revolution?" (in French Hydrogène naturel. La prochaine révolution énergétique ?). Authors Alan Prinzhofer and Eric Deville talk about the discovery of seepages of natural hydrogen, previously unknown to science, and discuss the possibility of natural hydrogen to become the next source of energy.
Abstract: This book tells an exceptional discovery, of the production of natural hydrogen by our planet in large quantity. Five years ago, the authors of this book, both geologists, got the message from the Russian team, that this gas escapes from the ground everywhere in Russia. Better, satellite images and field measurements allow them to detect heavy flow on all continents! It is a big surprise because experts have always considered that this gas could not be formed in the crust. The benefits of hydrogen are numerous: its combustion does not release carbon dioxide, its genesis in the basement is ongoing - as oil reserves are depleted - and its operation does not require deep drilling. How to explain such hydrogen flow? How to exploit this gas? The fact of finding it in abundance makes possible an industrial recovery? It is to these questions and many others that this book answers. Are we are at the beginning of a new energy revolution?

That is a shame - the following verbs are new for me!

tiptoe — идти на цыпочках
crouch — красться
squat — приседать


Monday, June 22, 2015

Семён Слепаков: Песня про нефть

российские компании вылетели из сотни крупнейших

Среди пятисот (!!!) крупнейших мировых компаний только пять российских и все они (газпром, лукойл, роснефть, сургутнефтегаз и норильский никель) занимаются тем, что выкапывают из земли полезные ископаемые и продают их на Запад.
Больше достижений у нас нет.